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Your eyes are the doorway to feel the world. Make sure that they are healthy. This quiz will help you know if your vision is sharp enough to see the world in a better way.

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Everyone needs to use the road. It’s the road that takes you from one place to another by connecting places and making your life easier. Often roads can be a dangerous place if you do not know the Road Safety Rules or if you intend to break them.

This Road Safety Quiz is for everyone. Answer the quiz to know where you stand when it comes to road safety.

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The diploma courses will be in English and of a period extending from one year to maximum three years. The candidates need to pay a fee of Rs 6,600 at the time of registration.

IGNOU’s School of Inter disciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies has launched PG Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health focusing on assessing the public health risks associated with biological, chemical, physical, bio-mechanical and psycho-social hazards in natural and built environments.

The Programme aims at various concepts related to general environment, environment at the workplace, related hazards and evaluation of health risk assessment by providing solutions to various aspects of environmental health occupational hazard management, epidemiology, health policy and management, and environmental health promotion.

The successful learners will be able to work with health practitioners, researchers and policy makers to develop, evaluate and monitor health policies, programmes and practices related to healthy environments. As per the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Environmental and Occupational health centers are mandatory at hazardous process factories/unit and full time environmental and occupational health specialists are required when the number of employees in the concerned unit exceeds 200. As per the secondary data available there is an urgent need for competent professionals in this field.

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Unsafe act

Unsafe Teamwork

Can you Identify the following:

  1. Unsafe Acts
  2. What Can be the consequences of this act?
  3. How this act could have been prevented?


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Safety Slogans are one liners or short phrases that you often hear at your workplace or see at construction sites. Safety slogans are not just phrases to read and forget. These safety slogans when read by an employee at workplace often work at subconscious level of the employee to promote safety culture. For this to occur the safety slogan has to be effective enough and the employee has to relate himself with the Safety slogan.


Dear All,

A short safety signage Quiz for you all. Just drag the matching image to the signage description from right to left.

Check your answers in the end.


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Electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. However, you can take simple precautions when working with or near electricity and electrical equipment to significantly reduce the risk of injury to you, your workers and others around you. 

We bring to you a quiz which will help you to refresh your memory with respect to electrical safety at workplace.

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Electrical safety Quiz

The Electrical Safety Quiz

This safety Quiz is made for members of Upehs.com Whatsapp Group. Only members who complete the quiz will be able to continue interacting in the group. The quiz has been made to ensure only active members are part of the Whatsapp group.

This quiz has been made simple enough so that an Safety Professional can easily answer the same. On successful completion of the Quiz with passing score, You will receive a link to join the Active Whatsapp Group of Upehs.com. You are further required to continue being an active member of the group even after gaining access to the new group.


Dear All,

Seeing an incident is different from observing an incident. Below is an video of an incident which when analysed will help us determine the underlying causes of the incident and the actions which could have been taken to avoid this.

Let us observe this incident so that we can learn from others mistakes and be proactive when undertaking a similar task.

Safety should be of prime importance when executing a job.

Overlooking safety could be a gateway to disaster.

Here is a comprehensive list of precautions to be taken when carrying out such an activity.

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Dear All,

Bringing to you the Manual Material Handling/ Back Safety Quiz 1.

This is a quiz wherein one needs to answer the multiple choice questions. Back safety is an important part of workplace health as “Your Back is for life and you should make sure it lasts a lifetime”

Make sure you finish answering all the questions as there is a bonus video for all the participants at the end of the Quiz!!

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