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Name various excava...

Name various excavation Hazards?  


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There are following hazards related to excavation as given below.
* Cave in or collapse of soil
* Risk due to presence of underground installations, pipelines, cables.
* Drowning due to water seepage into trench.
* Soil vibration due to machinery / heavy vehicles operations in the vicinity.
* Lack of Oxygen or asphyxiation etc.
* Underground obstruction or damage to buried pipelines & services
* Accidental fall of personnel or equipment inside a trench
* Struck / hit by excavating machinery
* Dropped / falling objects
* Flammable & / or toxic gas release
* Exposed to airborne contaminants
* Fire & explosion
* Electrical shock due to contact with energized electrical / telecom cable.
* Possible presence of explosive devices
* Damage to shallow underground services due to weight of heavy equipment such
as mechanical excavator.
* Encountering wet soil (mixed with water) or reaching water table.
Encountering contaminated soil


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