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What are the pre cautions for welding/ hot work?  


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1. Remove all combustible material from the place of welding . 

2. Clear the work area and cover non movable flammable material with fire proof mats. 

3. Barricade work area

4. All welding cables should be fully insulted

5. All welding machines should be double earthed

6. Welding area should be dry and free from water

7. Keep the fire extinguisher / sand ready and standby

8. Use adequate personal protective equipment like leather hand gloves, goggles and helmets

9. Switch off the power when welding is stopped

10. Do not allow the helpers to do welding

11. Do not shift the welding cable unless the electric power is switched off.

12. Terminal of the welding cables should be provided with lugs and kept tight. 

13. Oxygen hose in black and Acetylene hose in red in color as per standard

14. NRV of the blow torches should be maintained properly avoid flashback

15. Welders should be trained properly

16. Cylinders should be stored in a cold dry place away bottom heat and direct sunlight.

17. Proper housekeeping, good ventilation in the working area

18. No smoking permitted in the welding area

19. Hose connection should be properly made

20. Barricade the work area and put a sign board

21. Rolling of cylinders should be avoided

22. Flash back arrestor should be attached in each cylinder

23. Any leakage of cylinder should be kept separately

24. Keep Fire extinguisher standby

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