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What is the procedure for entering a confined space hazards?  


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1. Permit must be procured form operations, making sure of the following.
a. Complete isolation of the space to be entered.
b. Draining, depressurization and purging or cleaning should be performed.
c. Gas test should be conducted to ensure no hazardous atmosphere is present.
d. Space ventilation.
2. A Pre task meeting must be conducted with all authorized entrants prior to entering
confined space.
3. The attendant (Stand by man) shall be assigned at the entrance to maintain
communication with employees working inside to ensure their safety. A log book
shall be maintained at the entrance to keep track of the people inside the space.
4. Safety attendant must be trained and authorized to use gas testing equipment.
5. Entrants must wear body harness, and if necessary a life line be attached to the
harness to avoid entry-rescue.
6. Lighting should be provided, if necessary a maximum of 24 volts, lighting should be
used attached a GFCI.
7. Only intrinsically safe or explosion-proof equipment shall be used inside.
8. Depending on the situation, emergency rescue team may be put on standby.
9. If an emergency occurs within the confined space, the standby person must not
enter it until rescue team arrived.
10.Barricade the area with warning sign board.

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