Excavation Safety Quiz

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Excavation Safety Quiz

July 14, 2019 Quiz Safety 0
excavation safety quiz

Excavation is one of the most hazardous types of work in the construction industry.  Accidents can easily result from an inadequate planning.

There is no second chance in event of an accident. Necessary precautions have to be adhered to without compromising employee safety. If a cave in occurs due to any reason, the possibility of rescuing a trapped worker from the soil proves to be very difficult as the soil in itself is very heavy and can crush the worker due to its load leading to rapid deterioration of his condition.

Whenever there is excavation at any site make sure that the place is well examined for all the possible hazards. Taking a valid permit for excavation ensures that all the necessary precautions of identifying the hazards of underground utilities, hazardous environment, need of continuous supervision and necessary authorization for the job. Appropriate ladders, stairway, ramps or other means of access and egress from the excavation or trench have to be predetermined and implemented during the excavation activity.

Training your employees in Excavation safety and make sure that they understand all the hazards and the necessary precautions which need to be taken to avoid an accident.

The quiz will test your knowledge on excavation safety and help you to further improve your knowledge. Take the below quiz and don’t forget to share with other EHS professionals. You can also find more Quizzes here.

Excavation Safety Quiz

Lets test your Excavation safety knowledge



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