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Unsafe act

Spot the hazard 4

Can you Identify the following: Unsafe Acts What Can be the consequences of this act? How this act could have been prevented?   Comment below

December 9, 2018 0

Spot the Hazard Quiz 3

Here is another Spot the Hazard Quiz for you all. Can you find the unsafe acts and conditions in this image?  

August 25, 2018 3

Using a Fire Extinguisher – Quiz

Can you PASS this simple Image sequencing Fire Safety quiz? All you have to do is arrange the images as per sequence of the procedure of using a Fire Extinguisher in event of a fire. Knowing about this sequence will enable you to easily recollect the procedure in event of an actual Fire Emergency. Share…
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August 19, 2018 0

Video : Arc flash hazard in a breaker

Definition of “Arc Flash Hazard”: An arc flash hazard may exist when energized electrical conductors or circuit parts are exposed or when they are within equipment in a guarded or enclosed condition, provided a person is interacting with the equipment in such a manner that could cause an electric arc. (Underlining is mine) Under normal…
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July 10, 2018 0