Spot the Hazard Quiz 3

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Spot the Hazard Quiz 3

August 25, 2018 Quiz Safety Spot the Hazard Uncategorized 3

Here is another Spot the Hazard Quiz for you all.

Can you find the unsafe acts and conditions in this image?




  1. Rajkiran Varma says:

    1)Workme engaged for work found without using required PPEs 
    2) Work found without using Safety belt working more than 2 height
    3) Lifting parpuse not as for SOP using single rope
    4)No any fall protection arrangements found outer side
    5) Workman found at suspended load lifting manually chance fall 
    6) Unpropted Scaffolding platform no any centilever support 
    7) Planks missing in the platform 
    8)No proper Access
    9)Ladder found in this scaffolding

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