More than 900+ Unique Safety Slogans

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More than 900+ Unique Safety Slogans

November 3, 2018 Safety 0
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Safety Slogans are one liners or short phrases that you often hear at your workplace or see at construction sites. Safety slogans are not just phrases to read and forget. These safety slogans when read by an employee at workplace often work at subconscious level of the employee to promote safety culture. For this to occur the safety slogans have to be effective enough and the employee has to relate himself with these Safety slogans.

Safety slogans are a great method to raise awareness of the risks that are involved with not following proper safety procedures. It is a great way of educating your employees and motivating them to practice a safe work environment. Today’s workplaces need more than just a poster to provide safety protection. Regularly remind your employees of the importance of safety slogans with posters that remind them to be cautious. The Best safety slogans make the reader think and it has a lasting impact on his memory when he initiates any job at workplace. Safety Slogan competitions are not just to “Do and Forget”. Whenever safety slogan competitions are organised, the Safety department personnel has to make sure that the best and unique safety slogans are given recognition through awards. Going one step further these safety slogans have to be displayed at workplace with the name of the awarded person. Doing this will encourage other persons to promote safety culture by reading these regularly. Promoting safety culture through Safety Slogan does not end here; The safety slogans that are displayed often need to be circulated to other locations over a defined frequency (say 3 months). This needs to be done as people seeing this often may become ignorant as it tends to become monotonous over a period of time. Displaying a new safety slogans periodically will infuse new life into Safety Promotions at workplace. Companies will always look for ways to bring their employees on board with the mission of the business. Safety slogans are one way that you can tap into employees natural sense of responsibility and make them take safety measures for the good of their company.

Safety Slogans can also be the tagline of your company’s safety promotion campaign that will have a long lasting effect on its sustenance as the campaign now becomes easy to remember.

Below is the list of more than 900 Safety Slogans which will help you create a safer environment when combined with above improvement suggestions.

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“Hey, wanna see something cool?” (Last words uttered before a mishap)
“It’s not how fast you go it’s knowing when to go slow”. 
“Safety” a Small Investment For a Rich Future
“Working safely keeps everyone working.”
It can charm you, or ALARM you!
’97 – Too soon to see Heaven – Safety First
Safety.. A commitment to yourself.
Safety.. Always in season.
Safety first makes you last long.
Safety.. You will regret if you forget
..Do It For Family
..Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.’s my job…last
10 Fingers 10 Toes – If You Are Not Safe Who Knows?
10 Fingers 10 Toes IF you are not Safe Who Knows
30 Days has September.
6″ of bruise is better than 6′ under – Buckle up!
A “Safety” attitude is one that never hurts to take home with you.
A CASUAL attitude toward safe TY = CASUALTY
A Close Call Reported Today – Is the Accident That Does Not Happen Tomorrow
A Good Attitude Makes Safety Work For You
A harness is better than a hearse
A Safer You is a Safer Me
A Safety Attitude is One That Never Hurts to Take Home with You
A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
A wound neglected is a wound infected
Accident Prevention – Your Number One Intention
Accidents Big Or Small, Avoid Them All
Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t
Alert today. Alive tomorrow.
Always look after No.1 and if you need help just ask
Always think safety no matter what the task
Anger is one letter away from Danger. Drive gently
Are You Part of the Safety TEAM – (Together Employees Accomplish More)
Arms work best when attached to the body
As Temperatures Rise – Stay Safety Wise
At Work at Play – Let Safety Lead the Way
At Work, At Home, Let Safety Be Known
Be a leader, follow safe procedures.
Be a safety hero – score an accident zero
Be alert! Accidents hurt.
Be alert, be aware, be alive.
Be aware – Take care
Be aware of slips and trips
Be aware Take care
Be hand-in-glove with safety.
Be proactive–not reactive–towards safety.
Be safe at work or you might miss welcome home, a hug, a kiss.
Be safety smart right from the start.
Be sure be safe
Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are
Be visible when biking or jogging, wear reflective material.
Before using any new equipment, read and fully understand the manufacturer’s instructions.
Before You Do It – Take Time to Think Through it
Before you go boating, leave a float plan with a friend or marina operator.
Before you start – Be safety smart
Behind the wheel, anger is one letter away from danger.
Being accident free is doing your part
Being alert never hurts.
Being Safe is Like Breathing You Never Want to Stop
BEST BE Safe Today
Better dead sure than sure dead.
Better late in this world than early to the next.
Better to arrive late than never. Drive carefully!
Better to be safe than to be sorry!
Better to have two on the job than one in the hospital.
Better to lock out than luck out
Better to tie off than to fly off.
Boat load limits; don’t exceed them.
Boat safely, know before you go.
Bottoms up, booze and boating don’t mix.
Broken tools can be replaced. You can’t.
Business stalls if you slip and fall
But You Are the Key
Caution–I Brake For Stop Signs.
Caution: Read, then proceed.
Chance takers are accident makers
Change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors annually.
Check for safety then recheck
Check Your Shoes and Don’t Let Your Day Slip Away
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Children should always wear a helmet while riding their bikes.
Close Call – Don’t Ignore It- Report It
Complacency will hurt you when you least expect it.
Courtesy and common sense promote safety.
Crashing sucks
Dare to Be Aware
Death lurks in Confined Spaces
Dig in Your Heels Against Accidents
Disobedience of traffic rules exterminate the purpose of life
Do a pre warm-up and stretch prior to participating in any sport.
Do the do’s not the don’t s
Do the easy work first–you could be replaced before the hard work starts.
Do you know how to report an unsafe condition in your workplace?
Do Your Work With Pride – Put Safety in Every Stride
Don’t Be a Fool – Cause Safety is Cool – So Make That Your Rule
Don’t Be a Fool – Use the Proper Tool!
Don’t be a fool! Inspect your electrical tools.
Don’t be a fool, cause safety is cool, so make that your rule.
Don’t Be Hasty When It Comes to Safety
Don’t Be Safety Blinded – Be Safety Minded
Don’t fix the blame, fix the problem.
Don’t get caught in the web of unsafe acts.
Don’t get caught with your guard off….it could be dis-arming
Don’t get spooked by safety. (This is placed next to a picture of a ghost)
Don’t Just Preach Safety – Profit From It
Don’t learn safety by accident.
Don’t leave safe habits at work, take them home.
Don’t let safety take a holiday.
Don’t let the light go out, wear eye protection.
Don’t Let the Lights Go Out – Wear Eye Protection
Don’t Let the Safety Net Turn into a Hammock
Don’t Lose Your Head to Gain a Minute, You’ll Need Your Head, Your Brain is in It!
Don’t lose your head: Read signs instead.
Don’t overload extension cords.
Don’t put your life on the line in 2009 – Think safety
Don’t put your life on the line. Think safety.
Don’t take unnecessary risks, use operational risk management.
Don’t treat an emergency as normal and don’t treat normal actions as emergencies.
Don’t Work Alone – Watch For Others
Double check to prevent a wreck.
Dress for the weather. In cold weather, it’s better to wear several layers of clothing than one bulky item.
Drink plenty of cool water to prevent dehydration in the summer.
Drinking and driving – There are stupider things, but it’s a very short list.
Electricity can turn you off.
Even in a hi-tech world you eyes are still your greatest asset
Even in a Hi-Tech World Your Eyes Are Still Your Greatest Asset
Every Accident – Every Time – If It’s Predictable – It’s Preventable
Exercise at a comfortable pace.
Exercise indoors when the air temperature plus the humidity reaches 150F.
Expect the unexpected. Gear up for safety.
Eyes Are Priceless – Eye Protection is Cheap
Fail Safety and it will fail you.
Failing to prepare = Prepare to fail
Falling objects can be brutal if you don’t protect your noodle
Flesh and Bone are no match for a grinding Stone
FOD — This isn’t your daddy’s flight line.
Folks don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Follow traffic rules, save your future
For a good time, Dial 911- operators are standing by!
For safe bicycling obey all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings.
Forget the hearse with safety first.
Forget the Nurse With Safety First
Forgot your hearing protection? Forget about hearing!
Generating Safety – Is a Mega-Watt Savings
Get a grip. To prevent a slip, use hand rails.
Get a medical check-up before starting any exercise routine.
Get help if the load’s too heavy.
Get In S.T.E.P. Safety Takes Every Person.
Get Smart! Use Safety From the Start
Get the safety habit
Get the Safety Itch
Going fishing? Get hooked on safety.
Good habits will normally keep you out of bad trouble.
Good housekeeping prevents accidents.
Guard against man eating machines
Hand In – Hamburger Out
Hard Hats – They’re Not Just for Decoration
Have another day – by being safe today!
Have you an eye for safety or are you blinded by bad habits
Have your chimney inspected by a professional before each heating season.
Have your furnace checked every year by a professional.
Health & Safety – Words to Live By
Hear to-day gone tomorrow – use you hearing protection
Hear Today – Gone Tomorrow – Use Your Hearing Protection!
Hearing protection is a sound investment.
Home safe–not just for baseball.
Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car!
Ice skating on thin ice can be deadly, skate in supervised areas.
If Caught in a Riptide – Go With the Flow
If everything comes your way, you are in the wrong lane.
If In Doubt Check It Out – Safety First.
If the Cord Has a Fray – Throw It Away!
If the cord has a fray, throw it away.
If the Little Voice Says – I Wonder If This is Safe To Do? It Probably Isn’t.
If you are aware of it take care of it
If You Can’t Be Good – Be Careful. If You Can’t Be Careful – We’ll Get a Call
If You Can’t Find the Time to Do It Right – When Will You Find the Time to Do It Over?
If you can’t find the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over? If you don’t have time to do it safe, do you have time to do it with a man down?
If You Don’t Have Time to Do It Safe – Do You Have Time to Do Down?
If You Don’t Know What is Going to Happen – There is No Way to Stop It Plan Ahead For Safety
If You Don’t Think It Will Happen To You – Find the Person Who Had It Happen to Them
If you don’t think it will happen to you, find the person who had it happen to them.
If you don’t think it’s safe, it probably isn’t. Stop the job and contact your supervisor.
If you drink and drive, you might as well smoke.
If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.
If You Fidget with Safety You Could Lose a Digit
If you fidget with safety you could lose a digit.
If You Leave Accidents Behind Don’t Leave a Forwarding Address
If You Mess Up – ‘Fess Up
If You Think Safety is Expensive – Try Ignorance.
If You Think Your Safety Specialist is a Pin – Try a Leg Fracture
If You’re Going to be Stupid – You Have to Be Tough!
Ignoring a Warning Can Cause Much Mourning
In Case of Injury Remember RICE – Rest – Ice – Compress – Elevate
Informed is Better Than Deformed
Invest in Tomorrow Practice Safety Today
Is better to crash into a nap… than to nap into a crash.
Is better to lose one minute in life… than to lose life in a minute.
It Hurts To Be Unsafe
It’s better to correct an unsafe friend than to bury one
It’s Easier to Ask a Dumb Question Than It is to Fix a Dumb Mistake
It’s not the bullet that kills you, it’s the hole. Call 911.
It’s better to lose one minute in life… than to lose life in a minute.
Just Because You Always Did It That Way – Doesn’t Make It Right
Keep a Grip on Life and Protect Your Hands
Keep Safety in Mind – It Will Save Your Behind
Keep your eyes on safety.
Keep your kids safe. They’ll choose your nursing home
KISS – Keep It Safe and Sound
Knock out…accidents
Know Safety – No Injury – No Safety – Know Injury
Lead the way, safety today
Learn From Others Mistakes – Don’t Have Others Learn From You
Leave firework displays to professionals.
Leave horse play to horses.
Let safety be a sponge – soak it up
Life did not begin as an accident; don’t end it with one.
Lift Smart – Think – Then Start
Lift with your legs, not your back.
Lifting’s a breeze when you bend at the knees
Light up your Christmas tree, not your home; use approved decorations and lights.
Living With Your Mistakes is Harder Than You Think Wear Your Safety
Look sharp don’t get cut
Luck runs out but safety is good for life.
Machine Guards Keep You on Your Side
Macho Does Not Prove Mucho – Do It Safely
Make safety a part of your work
Make Safety a Part of Your Workday
Make safety a priority
Make safety a reality and don’t be a fatality
Make Safety a Virtual Reality
Make Safety First – And Make It Last
Make your plant the best, safer than all the rest
Mixing bleach and ammonia can be deadly.
Momma didn’t raise no fool… I use PPE to stay cool!
More Waste Prevention + More Recycling = Less Waste = Less Landfill
Move your ladder to avoid reaching.
Mow Across the Slope When Using a Hand Mower – Drive Up and Down the Slope for Stability When Using a Riding Mower
Mowing and Drinking Doesn’t Cut It
My job provides my paycheck, but safety takes me home.
Near Miss? Don’t Ignore It – Report It
Never forget about safety
Never give safety a day off
Never think working safe is in vain when it could save a life time of pain.
New Year Resolution – If It’s Unsafe I Will Find a Solution
No injuries to anyone, ever
No Safety – Know Pain – Know Safety – No Pain.
Normal speed meets every need
Old fire-fighters never die, they just stop arson around!”
One Bad Day at the Grinder Could Ruin Your Whole Life
One rung too high and you could die
One safe act can lead to another
One split second of carelessness could change your entire future.
Only Fools Break Safety Rules
Open the Door to Safety: Awareness is the Key!
Operating a boat while intoxicated is illegal.
Organ donor — A person who doesn’t wear his or her helmet.
Our Aim – No Accidents
Our Job is Anchored in Safety
Our Mission is an Accident Free Condition
Our paramedics give you a charge!
Pencils Have Erasers – Mishaps Don’t!
People helping people–lending hands for our safety.
Personal Floatation Devices – Don’t Leave the Dock Without Them!
Personal flotation devices, don’t leave the dock without them.
Personal Protective Equipment is Self Defence
Plan and practice exit drills in the home.
Play it safe
Play it safe in the water, swim in areas with life guards.
Positive Attitudes Have Positive Influence on Safety
Practice Safety in All You Do – Everyone Depends on You!
Prepare & prevent instead of repair & repent.
Pretend Like You Are Invisible When Driving a Motorcycle or Bicycle – Because a Small Percentage of People Driving Cars Will Never See You
Pretend like you are invisible when driving a motorcycle or bicycle, because a small percentage of people driving cars will never see you.
Prevent boating accidents, take a small boat safety course.
Prevent Hunting Accidents – Know Your Target Before You Shoot
Prior to games, check playing field to avoid fields of screams.
Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance
Protect your back – Use a jack.
Protect Your Hands – Use Your Head
Protect Your Hands – You Need Them to Pick Up Your Pay Check!
Protect your hands, you need them to pick up your pay check.
Protect your hands…..Use your head.
Protect Your Thoughts and Wear a Hard Hat
Put safety first – Prevent the worst
Put Safety into Action – Stay Out of Traction!
Put Safety into Action – The Wishbone Will Never Replace the Backbone
Put Safety into action — stay out of Traction!
Put your brakes on speed
Quench the Thirst – Safety First
Remember – Safety is not a job; it is a way of life.
Replacing a saw guard is easier than replacing a finger
Risk – is it really worth it?
Risk – Is It Worth It?
SAFE – Staying Accident-Free Everywhere
Safe Actions Bring Lasting Satisfaction
Safe actions bring lasting satisfaction.
Safe and healthy!
Safe boating is no accident.
Safe Crane Operation is Uplifting
Safe Operators are Smooth Operators
Safe Thing to Do? – Ask
Safe today – Alive tomorrow
Safety – A Commitment to Yourself
Safety – a good friend to take home
Safety – A Small Investment Fora Rich Future
Safety – Always in Season
Safety – Been There – Done That
Safety – Do It – Do It Right – Do It Right Now
Safety – Do It For Family
Safety – everyone’s full time job
Safety – Expect the Unexpected
Safety – It Can Charm You – Or Alarm You!
Safety – it’s in your hands
Safety – It’s the Real Thing
Safety – it’s the tool for LIFE
Safety – It’s Where We Want to Go Today
Safety – Like a Good Retirement Plan – Provides For a Better Tomorrow!
Safety – Live with it
Safety – Standards We Set to Accomplish the Goals We Strive For
Safety – The Measure of Success
SAFETY – The measure of success.
Safety – You Will Regret If You Forget
Safety — a small investment for a rich future.
Safety Always in Season
Safety and quality go hand in hand
Safety awareness saves lives
Safety Begins with No 1
Safety begins with teamwork
Safety by Choice – Not by Chance!
Safety can distinguish you. Lack of safety can extinguish you.
Safety comes before schedule only in the dictionary
Safety comes in cans: I can, you can, we can.
Safety Conscious – Smart Obvious.
Safety doesn’t happen by accident.
Safety Doesn’t Slow the Job Down but Mishaps Do
Safety First – Avoid the Worst!
Safety First – Last and Always
Safety First – Please Remember
Safety first and last longer
Safety First Because Accidents Last
Safety First Makes Us Last.
Safety First, Avoid the Worst.
Safety First, Last and Always
Safety first, to last.
Safety first… because accidents last.
Safety Fits Like a Glove – Try One On!
Safety Gear – 2 Minutes – Risk Assessment – 5 Minutes – A Mishap That Takes a Life – Forever.
Safety Glasses – All in Favor Say Eye
Safety Glasses – Making Foresight 20/20!
Safety glasses: All in favour, say “Eye!”.
Safety Has No Quitting Time.
Safety has no time out
Safety in – we win
Safety in the mine in 2009
Safety is a 2 Way Street – Look Both Ways
Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy
Safety is a Continuing Journey – Not a Final Destination
Safety is a continuing journey, not a final destination.
Safety is a Frame of Mind
Safety is a Frame of Mind – Get the Picture
Safety is a frame of mind – So concentrate on it — all the time
Safety is a frame of mind So concentrate on it — all the time
Safety is a Frame of Mind, Get the Picture
Safety is a full time job – don’t make it a part time practice
Safety is a mission, not an intermission
Safety is a Product We Can Live By
Safety is a race we can all win
Safety is a state of mind – Accidents are an absence of mind
Safety is a Value – Not a Priority
Safety is a way of life
Safety is a Working Tool
Safety is About Doing the Right Thing – Even If No One is Looking
Safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking.
Safety is as easy as A-B-C: Always Be Careful.
Safety is as Safety Does.
Safety is everybody’s job
Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
Safety is free use it generously
Safety is Free- Use It Generously
Safety is Like a Lock
Safety is like a lock – But you are the key
Safety is no accident
Safety is Not Automatic – Think About It
Safety is of the Essence
Safety is our business too
Safety is our goal what’s yours?
Safety is Our Life Line
Safety is Something You Can Not Live Without
Safety is something you learn from the start
Safety is something you learn from the start – Being accident free is doing your part.
Safety is success by purpose – Not Accident
Safety is the Key to Life – Don’t Get Locked Out
Safety is the Light – Let It Shine
Safety is You
Safety Is Your Life’s Work
Safety isn’t a hobby, it’s a living.
Safety Isn’t Expensive It’s Priceless
Safety Isn’t For Helping You Up – It’s to Keep You From Falling
Safety isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life.
Safety It Can Charm You – Or Alarm You!
Safety It’s My Job
Safety Makes Good Dollars and Sense
Safety never hurts!
Safety never takes a holiday
Safety pays
Safety pays all ways
Safety practices … Do or die.
Safety records don’t happen by accident
Safety Rep at a Time
Safety rules are there to follow. So take care and we will see you tomorrow.
Safety rules are your best tools
Safety Saves – Accidents Cost You
Safety starts with “S” but begins with “YOU”
Safety starts with me
Safety starts with S but begins with you
Safety Steps – The Walk of Life
Safety Turns Me On
Safety Ventured – Safety Gained
Safety Will Improve – By Controlling Every Move
Safety Will Set You Free
Safety Wins the Checkered Flag
Safety Wins the Gold
Safety Works When People Work Together
Safety You Do Make a Difference
Safety You Will Regret If You Forget
Safety’s great in 2008
Safety’s intention is accident prevention
Safety’s the key to accident free
Safety, it’s for life.
Safety: expect the unexpected.
SAFETY: To be or not to be — there’s no question about it!
Santa likes a clean chimney, so do we.
Save life to obey the traffic rules
Save Tomorrow Think Safety Today
Save tomorrow. think safety today
Search & Rescue Officers do it any time, any place, under any conditions and they do it for free.
Seat Belts are for kids – Hug them at home – Belt them in the car
Shortcuts cut life short
Shortcuts Don’t Cut it
Slip – Trip and Fall Are Four-Letter Words
Slow Down! Your Family Will Be Waiting for You
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives.
So Concentrate On It – All the Time
Some Have Eyes and Cannot See – Some Have Ears and Cannot Hear – So Let’s Be Wise and Wear Our Safety Gear
Speak up for safety
Stand up for safety
Stay in shape, not only during basketball season, but also after the season.
Step Up – Be Safe – Or Step Aside
Still water doesn’t always run deep, look before you leap.
Stop ! Think ! Then Act !
Stop accidents before they stop you
Stop unsafe acts now
Stop! Safety pays
Stop! Think! Then Act!
Store Guns and Ammo Separately
Stretch and Flex For Your Health and Safety
Success is no accident
Support your local Search and Rescue Squad – Get Lost
Swings on the Hinges of Common Sense
Take the extra step for safety
Take time out for safety
Team Safety – It’s Just Good Business
Team Up to Safety!
The adage “look before you leap” is a lifesaver.
The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.
The best safety device is a safe worker
The chance taker is the accident maker
The difference between preaching and practicing Safety is measured one Safety Rep at a time.
The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense
The earth spins at 1,000 mph. Wear your seat belts.
The essence of road safety is to live healthy
The first 3 letters in workplace safety YOU
The goal must be zero accidents
The Hotter It Gets on the Outside – The More Water You Need Inside
The Key to Long Life is to Live Safety
The Only Excuse For Poor Safety is Poor Planning
The price of an accident is always high.
The right way is the safe way
The safe way is the best way
The safe way is the only way
The safe way is the right way
The safe way is the right way.
The safety risk is the one you didn’t take
The stupid shall be punished.
There Are No Shortcuts to Anyplace Worth Getting
There aren’t many new accidents, but there sure are a lot of new victims.
There is No Such Thing as New Accidents – Just New Victims
There’s No Face Like Your Own – Wear Face Protection
There’s no such thing as new accidents, just new victims.
Think positive an accident is only an attitude away
Think Safety – Because I Love You Man
Think safety – it couldn’t hurt
Think safety 1st
Think safety and act Safely.
Think safety avoid unsafe acts
Think safety before you start
Think Safety, Because I Love You Man
Think Sharp – Never Handle Broken Glass with Bare Hands!
Think smart before you start.
This is not a hobby for me–I do this for a living.
This Machine Can Kill You
This Tool Will Punch You in the Face – If You Let It
Those Precious Fingers Don’t Ignore or They Could End Up on the Floor
Those who work the safest way, live to work another day!
Time Runs Out on Luck – Do the Job the Safe Way
To avoid a scene keep your work place clean.
To learn about eye protection, ask someone who has one.
To See or Not to See – Use Eye Protection!
Tomorrow – Your reward for working safely today.
Tomorrow Safety Starts With Me
Triumph is Just an “Umph” Ahead of Try
Triumph is just an “umph” ahead of try.
Trying to Make Up Time Could Cost You Your Life
Turn your attention to accident prevention.
Unnecessary Risks May Leave You on the Sidelines Instead of In the Game
Unprepared = Unsafe.
Unsafe Acts Will Keep You in Stitches
Use safety as a vital tool, at work it’s the “Golden Rule”
Use the Right Tool for the Job
Use your eyes, don’t lose them.
Use Your Head Figuratively – Wear a Helmet!
Use your wits…..use padded mitts.
Using Safety Gloves is All in Your Hands
Volunteers do it for free!
Watch What You Heat
Watch your step – it could be your last
We all want to go home to our families at the end of the day
We need you – work safely
Wear a Bicycle Helmet to Prevent Serious Head Injuries
Wear an approved bike helmet when you go bike riding, it could save your life.
Wear Personal Flotation Devices – They Float – You Don’t!
Wear safety shoes and keep a good footing on life.
Wear the Right Protective Equipment For the Job
What would improve safety on your job? Tell your boss.
What you don’t know about Safety could Hurt you
What’s it Worth – Safety First
When Disconnecting Cords – Pull the Plug Rather Than the Cord
When everything else fails, follow the instructions.
When in Doubt – Check It Out
When in Doubt – Safety Wins Out
When in doubt get out
When in doubt, check it out.
When in doubt, safety wins out.
When It Seems There is Never Enough Time to Do Things the Right Way – Remember There is Always Enough Time For an Investigation
When it’s hot, drink plenty of fluids.
When jogging, run against the traffic flow.
When Safety is First – You Last
When walkways freeze – walk safely please
When You Gamble with Safety – You Bet Your Life
When you’re done messin’ up, sweep your darn resin up
When you’re out on the water, don’t forget the basics of safe boating.
While on a Ladder – Never Step Back to Admire Your Work
Why learn the hard way? Obey safety rules.
Why Wear Safety Glasses? If Not – You May End Up in the Dark
Wipe up and avoid a slip up
Wishing won’t keep you safe; Safety Will
Work Safe Today – Heaven Can Wait
Work safely or Hurt greatly
Work safely to-day and every day
Work smarter not harder
Work Together – Work Safely
Working safely each day will keep the doctor away.
Working Safely is Like Breathing – If You Don’t – You Die!
Working safely is like breathing; If you don’t, you die!
Working Safely Keeps Everyone Working
Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it
Working Together Gets the Job Done Safely
Working without Safety is a Dead-End Job
Yes safety is my business
You Bet Your Life When You Take a Chance
You can eat with false teeth, you can walk with a wooden leg, you can even hear with a hearing aid, but you can’t see with a glass eye.
You can eat with false teeth, you can’t see with a glass eye
You can never over do Safety
You Can Profit From Safety or Recover Without It
You Can’t Cure Stupidity
You can’t get home, unless you’re safe.
You Come Into This World Tied Off – So Stayed Tied Off
You come into this world tied off, so stayed tied off.
You Fall – You Call – We Haul – That’s All
You get the level of safety that you are prepared to walk past.
You get what you inspect – Not what you expect
You Light ’em – We Fight ’em – You Crash – We Dash
You safety gears are between your ears
You will achieve the level of safety excellence that you demonstrate you want
Your accidents affect others too.
Your future brightens with safety
Your good health is your greatest wealth
Your Safety Gears Are Between Your Ears
Your safety is everyone’s responsibility, especially yours.
Zero compromise towards safety
Zero Is Not On Safety
Zero tolerance on safety


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