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Spot the Hazards 1

August 12, 2018 Safety Spot the Hazard 7

Can you identify all the unsafe acts and conditions in the image?

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Spot the hazard


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  1. Arif says:

    Sorry Picture is not clear but i can say it is a bad housekeeping you send clear pic i will tell you

  2. Mahendra singh says:

    Poor housekeeping, unwanted material, cables are not dressing properly, worker is using clothes instead of dust mask

  3. kuldeep Singh says:

    Nose mask , safety Shoes, Gloves , Cable not dressed trip hazard, Electrical board not covered accidental touch resulted in electrocution, looking as worker working on height then safety belt is missed , if the conveyor is running then hearing protection , Guard for conveyor when worker stand up may trap in conveyor belt , on standby person for watch in case of any emergency he should communicate.

  4. Aditya Kumar Sharma says:

    Picture is not clear but…

    *Poor Housekeeping. Physical hazard/Injury.
    * No Required ppe’s, working in dust. Health Hazard.
    * Cables not fixed properly. Slip & Trip hazard.
    * Working near by the conveyor and may be the conveyor is in running condition. Trap Hazard/physical damage or fatal.

  5. Harikrishnam says:

    Bad House Keeping
    Trip or Slip Hazards
    There is no safe work place so these kind of activities leads to back pain and other physical problems.

  6. Rajkiran Varma says:

    1) Electrical cable laying on the ground
    2)Workmen engaged for hiusekhousek work no nose mask,hand gloves found
    3)inproper electrical board found open not lock
    4) Workmen found in edge corner 
    5) perticular access not denied

    • Ulhas says:

      Mr. Rajkiran, You are very much dedicated to your profession and seriously follow my blog. Great observations.

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