How to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations at workplace?

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How to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations at workplace?

September 3, 2022 Article Safety Workplace Safety 0
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“How to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations?”

Contractors can be the best source of expertise when it comes to a project. However, it is important that these contractors also abide by safety guidelines. Contractor is expected to practice safety in accordance to the work site and the work they are required to perform. If a contractor is careless when handling a project, the risks of an accident can be very high. Contractors often neglect to adhere to workplace safety rules. If this is not addressed, the workplace will become dangerous and accidents will be inevitable. This blog will provide examples of some workplace safety rules that are commonly missed, along with the consequences for someone who does not follow rules at the workplace. 

What is the role of a workplace contractor?

"How to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations?"

A contractor is a person who gets paid to perform a job on behalf of a client. The contractor could be an individual or a business. The client could be an individual, a company, or a government. The client could be an individual who needs help with home repairs, a company that needs help with office renovations, or a government agency that needs help with a construction project. For example, a contractor could be an individual who does home repairs or a company that does office renovations. They are also hired to work in the job market for example hourly workers.

How can contractors be held accountable for their work?

"How to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations?"

If you are a safety professional at your workplace, it is important that you do your due diligence to ensure that the contractor you hire is following safety regulations. To do this, you should review the contractor’s contract. This contract should include all of the safety regulations that the contractor will be following. If you see anything that seems out of the ordinary, you should be sure to ask the contractor about it. You may also update the contract terms to include your workplace safety requirements. Getting the updated contract signed by the contractor will ensure that the contractor is under obligation to meet the requirement. A fine/ penalty clause can be included in the contract to further strengthen the adherence to the requirement. This is one of the core way on how to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations.

Additionally, you should be sure to watch the contractor during the work that is being done to make sure that they are following the regulations. All non routine jobs performed through a contractor need to be executed through a Workplace Safety Permit. This Workplace Safety permit ensures that the work being carried out has undergone adequate Hazard assessments with identified controls already in place or additionally required controls identified and specified. The workplace safety permit also ensures that the all the parties related to the job done by the contractor are aware of the activity and have taken the required measures to minimize the exiting or generated hazards from the activity. Work can only be executed after Workplace Safety permit is authorized by the stakeholders of the identified job to be executed.

Contractors should be trained on safety to protect the safety of everyone. First, check with the company you are contracting with to find out what their policy is on safety training and what they are doing on how to make contractors follow safety regulations at the site they are working at. For example, some companies require a contractor to have company-specific training before they can work on a job site. If the company doesn’t require any specific training, it is up to you to decide how to train your contractor. You can find out if they have any training they would like to complete before they start working. The most important thing is to make sure that your contractor is trained before they start working.

What are the possible consequences of a contactor failing to meet safety requirements?

"How to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations?"

The consequences of a contractor not meeting safety requirements can lead to a number of indirect and direct costs. For instance, if a contractor is seriously injured, the company could be sued and be forced to pay out a large sum of money. Another example is if a contractor is negligent and causes damage to the property of the company or to the people on the property, the company could be sued and be forced to pay out a large sum of money. A legal case could also lead to the company being negatively impacted in its ranking among other peer companies.

At the end of the day. It would be the responsibility of the organization hiring the contractor to make sure that they have met all the legal requirements before, during and even after the contract work is executed. These were some of the ways how to Make Contractors Follow Safety Regulations so that you have more peace of mind when working with any contractors.


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