Can you Identify the Hazards in this image?

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Can you Identify the Hazards in this image?

September 19, 2021 Article Spot the Hazard 0

This is an image of a Car workshop. Everyone seems to be very busy here. They are so busy, that they are overlooking a lot of problems. These problems can eventually lead to an accident. Can you help to identify the hazards in this image?

The image on this page is clickable and you can directly check if you have clicked the correct spot. If correct, you will get notified. Make sure you understand what the problem is when you click the right spot. Look below the image when you click to understand the problem.

What seems like an obvious problem to you may not a be a problem to person working in an hazardous environment. People tend to overlook the problems they see as they get accustomed to the situation by seeing them over and over, again and again. Thereby reducing their perception to identify the hazards. Let this not happen with the employees of your workplace. This image will help to enhance their way of looking towards safety concerns from the eyes of an observer.

Let’s see if you can spot all the 22 Hazards in this image. These are all unsafe acts and conditions which if not corrected timely can lead to an accident.

Don’t forget to share the image with others, so that they can identify the hazards and have their safety vision improved.

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