Can you spot all the hazards here? – No Ads Link

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Can you spot all the hazards here? – No Ads Link

October 6, 2021 Ad Free Links No publish 0
Spot the hazards in the image

Ever seen a mechanical workshop? If not then here is a non ideal one. You can find many workplace hazards and risks here. You need to spot all the hazards or risks in this image by just clicking on the location of hazard. Try to spot all the hazards without taking help.

If you have an eye to identify all the Workplace Safety concerns then you will be able to find all the 9 Hazards in this interactive image. Click on the hazard location in the image and the AI based algorithm will check for the correctness of your clicked answers. Familiarize yourself with such hazards so that you can identify similar hazards at your workplace too. Share this with your workplace collogues to help them understand the hazards at workplace so that they do not repeat the hazards or risk at their workplace. They will even be able to correct the same without you even telling.

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