Spot the Hazard Interactive Quiz -1

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Spot the Hazard Interactive Quiz -1

August 17, 2018 Quiz Safety Spot the Hazard 6

Dear All,

Bringing to you the new interactive spot the hazard quiz where you need to just click on the unsafe act or unsafe condition on the image and our smart AI systems will determine whether you are right or wrong. The quiz is designed to enable you to identify unsafe acts and unsafe conditions by just looking at the image. This interactive quiz will develop visual skills in safety inspections.

Find all the 10 hazards to complete the quiz.

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6 Responses

  1. Aditya Kumar Sharma says:

    Unsafe Conditions:

    A. Scaffolding Work :
    * Stacks of materials on platform, one on the upper platform in front of ladder.
    * Right hand side of platform no barrication, no toe guard provided, risk of fall.
    * I guess that there is a machine kept right down to the scaffolding, whose cable laying on ground floor.
    * Lasers pipes missing in scaffolding.
    * Material kept near ladder.
    * No Sign or Tag which indicates its OK for use.

    Poor Housekeeping.
    Materials not kept orderly/properly.
    Various jobs are running at same place and time, not minimum space to work, no work wise distribution done.
    No signage’s for describing the work activity. Permit Also not Displayed.
    Barication not provided at the excavation area.

    Unsafe Act:

    Man leaning out of the scaffolding, safety harness or lifeline not available. Risk of fall/Injury.
    Job specific ppe’s not available.
    One man/boy girl/women standing on site without safety helmet, man/boy wears a cap.
    Man cutting wood on wooden platform itself, required permanent safe place for the specific job.
    Man/Signalman is standing near/under the excavated area, excavator bucket over crossing from his head.
    *I guess man shifting material extra heavy according to bis capability.

    That’s All.

  2. kuldeep Singh says:

    Unsafe Act
    1. Signal man for excavator in Unsafe zone
    2. The civil helper holding the bricks do not have hand gloves
    3. No safety glasses for Hilty machine operator
    4. No Ear protection for Hilty Machine operator
    5. Hilty Machine operator hitting on pipe it may damage
    6. No safety goggles for wood cutter operator
    7. No ear protection for wood cutter operator
    8. No safety glasses for civil material handler
    9. No safety harness for work at height person
    10. Working at Height with improper scaffold toe guard missed one side

    Unsafe Conditions
    1. No barricading for excavated pit
    2. Heavy weight on scaffold at one place no load distribution
    3. One side of scaffold handrail missed
    4. Cable laying is very poor slip trip may happen
    5. Under age kid near hazardous machine operation
    6. No shield cover for excavator i.e metal mesh or cage to be provide
    7. Ladder not tied with scaffold
    8. Electrical cable for w/machine seems to punched under one of sole plate for the scaffold

    General points

    All area must be identified and barricaded
    Signage’s with regard to PPE’s must be on site
    Walkways may be cleared as per job requirement

  3. Limbadri lacharla says:

    Lucky saves one time but   safety saves everytime.

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