Spot the Hazard Interactive Quiz – 6 – No Ads Link

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Spot the Hazard Interactive Quiz – 6 – No Ads Link

October 6, 2021 Ad Free Links No publish 0
Spot the Hazard at workplace interactive quiz

Here is another Spot the Hazard Image Quiz to improve  your ability to identify workplace hazards. This is an image of a Shop floor area where you will be able to notice multiple workplace hazards.

The interactive image has total 13 Hazards. Identify them to eliminate the possibility of an accident or a near miss. Sharpen your visual skills of observing workplace hazards before it becomes a near miss or an accident. Just click  on the areas where you identify the hazard and the Intelligent algorithm will tell you if you are right or wrong.

Make sure you identify all the hazards. You can also share this quiz with your colleagues to help them improve their visual skills in spotting hazards. The more you share, the more awareness you will create.

If you are an educational institute, please contact me to get an ad free page for use. No strings attached. Get your students to understand the art of observing rather than just seeing. This will help them to make better decisions in a working/ industrial environment so that they can fix the problem immediately on observing similar conditions. You can view my LinkedIn Profile Here


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